Project Overview


Shoppers Choice

Client since 2011


Shoppers Choice Showroom is a spin off storefront of Shoppers Choice dot com. A very successful website featuring household goods from outdoor grills to appliances and pool supplies. The storefront was opened in March of 2012. The highlight of the storefront is  a state of the art “live” outdoor kitchen showroom. Built as an interactive experience for the customer allowing the opportunity to see, touch and feel what an outdoor kitchen might be like in their own home.


Coming up with a way to instantly recognize Shoppers Choice Showroom we developed a unique jingle that could be incorporated into their advertising campaigns. Established as “the outdoor kitchen experts” we went on to creating a TV spot that highlighted the outdoor kitchen showroom and incorporating both visual and vocal marketing elements in a consistent monthly campaign.


Shoppers Choice Showroom reached and surpassed all goals for their first year in business. The storefront has now become a weekend destination for many customers looking to create their own backyard oasis.