Project Overview

:15 Second Testimonials

Hanks Buick GMC


Hanks Buick GMC is a dealership located in the town of Plaquemine Louisiana. The have a very loyal customer base with many families purchasing multiple vehicles for them through the years. It was with that thought in mind that we decided to hone in on that loyal customer base with a testimonial campaign.


A series of: 15 testimonial spots were developed highlighting the families and faces of Hanks Buick GMC. The spots were shot in and around the city of Plaquemine and really brought home the importance of having a loyal customer base.


The campaign ran over a one year period and became the who’s who spots to see in the town of Plaquemine. The typical “In your face” advertising campaign was replaced by a warm “next door” family feel which resulted in a successful year in automotive sales for Hanks.