Zone Marketing is a marketing and advertising agency that provides and contributes top notch service to every aspect of your marketing experience.  Our scope of services are expanding daily as we help our clients harness the power of a zoned-in marketing campaign.  Please view just some of our recent commercials here.

We’ve now added Digital Marketing services.


Read what our clients are saying!


  • Iberville“My job as a busy bank CEO doesn’t allow me much time to worry about whether or not I am getting the proper return on my marketing investment.

    Zone Marketing has made it possible for my bank to maximize its exposure through the various media outlets we use by insuring that we are getting the most bang for our buck. Without them I would be lost.”

    Robert Smith, President/CEO Iberville Bank
  • Shoppers ChoiceThe team at Zone Marketing is great to work with. They are true professionals at what they do. Not only will they make it happen if strategy is developed in-house, but they will assist in determining the best route for your business based on their expertise.

    We have been using Zone Marketing for several years now and their disposition is really what sets them apart.

    Jason Stutes, Chief Marketing Officer, LLC
  • Spencer Calahan LogoBefore hiring Zone Marketing, I purchased/placed all of my own media. Even with a significant budget, I had little leverage when it came to negotiating my advertising rates. Zone Marketing offered us placement expertise, creative ideas, and the benefit of lower rates due to bulk purchasing power.  In effect, Zone Marketing pays for itself. Dave Peterson continues to be a valuable creative resource and adviser. I would highly recommend him to anyone that is marketing/growing their business.

    Spencer Calahan, Attorney At Law
  • Royal Nissan Logo“We have always been very pleased with zone marketing and their ability to handle our many different advertising needs month in month out. The car business today demands more targeted advertising solutions in order to maximize profitability while still increasing sales share and customer satisfaction.

    Mr. Peterson has continuously provided us with ideas and successful campaigns that have allowed us to increase sales share while positively affecting our bottom line. Mr Petersons past experiences include handling advertising in house for a dealer group, sales manager for a metro TV station and owning his on agency, making him as knowledgeable as anyone in the industry in helping automobile dealers become successful in marketing their brand and individual name.”

    Brad Smith, Owner/Dealer Principle, Royal Nissan

We specialize in companies and brands that excel in their categories by creating unique, targeted, and measurable campaigns.  We have had the pleasure of working with some of the best companies and brands around, including:

Case Studies

:05 Second TV Spot
:15 Second TV Spot
:15 Second Testimonials
Political Campaign Advertisement
Lifetime Warranty Campaign

Digital Marketing

Online Video Development

Whether your project is for multi-platform device delivery or video advertisements, we will see your project from development to distribution.

Integrated Marketing

We target your brand, or content, to the right audience, on the right social network, and on the right multi-platform device.


We’ll implement proven SEO strategies to improve your website’s search engine results.


Consistent monitoring and evaluating of your web and social analytical data.

About Us

Dave Peterson HeadshotWhat matters to me most is helping companies promote their products and services in a way that’s equally strategic, creative, measurable and impactful. For nearly 25 years I have worked in the advertising industry, helping businesses of all types reach the right target audiences to achieve results. One thing that I have learned is that the industry is constantly changing and here at Zone Marketing our job is to have a constant pulse on those changes.

Dave Peterson

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